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Dental Extractions

At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, we take all the necessary steps to protect your teeth and preserve the natural structure of your mouth. However, due to decay or infection, extraction becomes necessary.


Patients feel scared and overwhelmed when it comes to tooth extraction. We understand that losing a natural tooth can be stressful. To ease your pain, we offer various sedation methods that keep you relaxed during the procedure and make tooth extraction a virtually pain-free procedure for you.

Why Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is required to preserve your oral health. You may need extraction in the following cases:
  • Decay or Infection
    If you are suffering from extensive decay or infection, the best solution is to extract the tooth that is infected to prevent the problem from spreading. To preserve the health of surrounding teeth, extracting the damaged tooth is important.
  • Fix Overcrowding
    Overcrowding can cause various complications such as wear and tear, misalignment, infection, or injury. Extracting wisdom teeth or excess teeth not only improves your smile but also helps you brush and floss with ease.
  • Relief from pain
    Wisdom or damaged teeth can cause severe pain. Extracting it is the best way to eliminate pain and restore oral function. Extracting teeth also helps correct eating and speech difficulties.

    Whatever the reason, at Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, we consider all the options before recommending tooth extraction. We offer preventative treatments to help patients avoid the need for distraction. However, we perform extractions to maintain your overall oral health when it becomes necessary.
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Anxious about Extractions?

Dental anxiety and phobia are real. To patients who dread extraction, we offer a range of safe sedation methods to keep them calm during the process. We discuss different options with you to ensure your experience with us is a comfortable and soothing one.

Removing Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth start erupting between the age of 12-25. The wisdom tooth can cause various dental complications, including pain, infection, crowding, and misalignment. When a wisdom tooth erupts at an odd angle, it causes infection in the gums. It is recommended to remove them when they first start to erupt.


Extracting a wisdom tooth is a routine dental procedure for us. We have relieved the pain of numerous patients by timely pulling out a troublesome wisdom tooth. We use high-quality sterilized tools to perform extractions and take all the necessary measures to ensure the recovery time is short and quick. Extracting impacted wisdom teeth protects your teeth from long-term damage and complications.

Extracting a wisdom tooth
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Changing Smiles

Is pain keeping you from smiling? Call us today to schedule your appointment with our dental care professionals. We will perform painless tooth extraction that will bring back your dazzling smile.