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Laser Dentistry

Laser dental technology has replaced many traditional practices, making dentistry more advanced and less painful. The advancement in technology has allowed many fearful patients to approach dentistry with more confidence and less anxiety. Dental lasers can now perform various treatments with enhanced precision, including soft tissue renewal and periodontal gum disease therapy.
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Advantages of Laser Dentistry 

There are countless benefits of laser therapy, but some of the most prominent advantages are:
  • Laser dentistry eliminates the need for anesthesia and minimizes recovery time
  • Laser dentistry is minimally invasive delivers the same results with minimal to no pain
  • Laser dentistry is precise and leaves no trace of infection behind.

Laser Treatments at Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics 

At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, our team is trained to perform various procedures using advanced laser technology. Laser dentistry is versatile and effectively treats common to complex dental procedures. From cosmetic treatments to preventative dentistry, laser technology supports all procedures.

  • Tooth Preparations 
    Superseding traditional drilling and painful preparation, the laser allows you to prepare the tooth for different procedures without using any anesthesia or drills. The laser successfully cleans the surgical site by removing all traces of oral bacteria. 
  • Frenectomy
    Frenectomy is a surgical procedure in which the lingual frenum (connective tissue) is altered or removed to improve eating habits and speech impairment problems. Performing frenectomy using laser allows us to restore oral functionality and promote rapid healing in minimal time. 
  • Reshaping soft tissue
    Reshaping soft tissue is a common cosmetic procedure that improves smiles and removes uncomfortable tissue folds. Dental lasers dissolve and reshape soft tissues to reveal natural teeth and brighten your smile. 
  • Periodontal care 
    Advancement in laser dentistry has now helped numerous patients get rid of periodontal disease and restore the health of gums and teeth. It helps prevent tooth loss by attacking and removing the infection with precision. With laser therapy, patients can now approach dental care without any fear or anxiety as it removes damaged tissues with minimal invasion and pain. 
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Affordable Laser Dentistry at Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics 

At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, we strive to make dental care affordable and approachable to everyone. We accept a range of financing options to accommodate all patients and help them get the proper treatment at the right time. For more information about your dental care options, get in touch with us today. Our staff members will be more than happy to guide you.