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Dental Technology

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Dental Technology

At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, delivering superior care and comfort is our mission. We have integrated the most innovative and advanced technology into our everyday dental care practices. We use cutting-edge instruments that minimize treatment time and discomfort, giving you the best results.

Our facility in Encino, California, will serve you with various sedation methods, digital X-rays, 3D radiography, and many other treatment facilities that will exceed your expectations for comfortable dental care. 

Crowns and Veneers

The days when restorative dentistry used to be long and painful are gone. With the advanced technology, we can take digital scans of your teeth to have the most accurate impression.

At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, our dentists use CAM/CAD technology to create 3D impressions and mill accurate restorations that are placed individually for the most natural appearance possible!

CAM/CAD technology
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A Digitally Enhanced Dental Facility

We give our patients a red-carpet treatment. From music to Netflix, we provide a range of distractions during lengthy procedures to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible.

Are you looking for a painless restorative treatment? Schedule your appointment today with Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics.