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Night Guards Vs. Sports
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Custom Sports Guards at Encino

As the name suggests, a sports guard protects your tongue, teeth, and mouth from injury and impact during a sports game. Sports guards are wearable oral devices that protect teeth and mouth from blows during a game. Sports guards are essential equipment for athletes that provides an additional layer of protection and prevents distractions from injury when playing.

You can find sports guards at any shop that sells sports goods, but are they effective? That’s questionable. Ready-made sports guards are standard size guards not designed to the unique shape of your jaw and mouth. You will have to constantly clench them during the game to prevent them from falling, which is tiring as well as distracting.

At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, we fabricate customized sports guards designed after proper diagnosis and measurements. Sports guards designed at our facility will perfectly fit, ensuring resilience, protection, and comfort.

High-Quality Design 

Sports mouth guards often carry odor and a bad taste when made of low-quality materials. Using low-quality sports guards can trap bacteria in the mouth, causing decay and periodontitis. We design sports guards with top-quality material that is odorless and not bulky. After wearing our product, you will experience minimal discomfort in breathing or speaking.

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Custom Night Mouth Guards 

Do you suffer from bruxism? Is your habit of clenching and grinding causing damage to your teeth? Visit us today for customized mouth guards that protect your teeth from the impact of grinding all through the night.

Clenching and grinding not only cause headaches and jaw pain but also cause significant damage to the teeth. Our team of hygienists and dentists will work together to design customized mouth guards that perfectly fit in your mouth during the night to prevent any damage caused by impact and pressure.

Our customized night-mouth guards are designed with maximum comfort and fit in mind and will keep your upper and lower teeth protected during sleep.

Please note that mouthguards do not treat bruxism but only protect your teeth from its adverse effects. Please schedule an appointment with us today for your customized mouth guards.